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I am a furniture maker that specializes in custom made wood furniture. When people think of making a piece of furniture they often think that the process begins with finding the right piece of wood or having a thoroughly drawn out design. While these factors are important, I have come to realize over the last twenty years of creating furniture, that it is working with the client that is one of the most important aspects of the design process for me. The pieces I create are a conversation. They work not only as functional objects to sit on, eat off of, place books on etc, but as a communication between myself and the individual I am designing for. In working through this process I find that what is most important is the conversation the piece originates from; and ends with when the project is complete.

What I try to accomplish with my work is to make each piece singly for the person who it is designed for. I use wood that is harvested locally and is generally taken from trees that are being removed by the city or an individual homeowner. In this way I am able to use a local material for local customers.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Chairs that have comfort and aesthetic form

I made this Biedermeier style chair (top picture) from an antique example featured in the picture below. Can you recognize the 2 originals from the 2 replicas?
The curved back has an inlay of bird's eye maple.
The body is made of european cherry wood which is lighter and less amber than american cherry.
I specialize in making replicas of classical chairs.
(Double click images to enlarge for details)
Photos by courtesy of PG


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